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29th May 2020 

What Happens in a Session

IT IS YOUR SESSION. We work with what you bring and with what I see and sense that you need and would enjoy. It is about what you want to change, whether you have a clear sense of what that is or not.

YOU ARE HEARD DEEPLY on many levels. I read the energy of your body. My approach is warm, clear, empathic and intuitive. Feedback is offered, questions or suggestions, hands-on touch-healing and play.

THE TALKING that takes place in a session is not ordinary talking - it is energetic. Clients appreciate the truth about their situation being spoken; and in being really heard, can find themselves speaking from a deeper place than usual. This honest dialogue has positive effect on emotions, symptoms and behaviour.

WARM TOUCH is how clients describe my hands. I sense just the right place on the body and the right quality of touch needed. A variety of techniques are used as appropriate, including reflexology, five-element bodywork, craniosacral therapy and body psychotherapy.

THE ATMOSPHERE OF A SESSION can be serious or playful, free or precise, sensitive or challenging. Touch and talking may be combined with movement, breath-work, awareness exercise, sound, visualisation or silence. Anything might be of use, there are easel and paints in the room or gardening in the earth outside.

HEALING energies are channelled through me, especially through my hands in touch. Clients appreciate my focus and the incredible energy in the room. I have been told my presence and gaze are healing.

SACRED PLAY is what I call a real meeting between two people in whatever way that happens. I listen to the body of the person with me, and to my body, feelings and insights, I also listen to other frequencies.

POSITIVE AFFECT can be felt on physical symptoms, stress, emotions, patterns of thought and behaviour, and aspects of self-hood including self-worth, boundary and self-expression. It is healing for the ancestors.

THE RESULTS of a session can not be guaranteed or promised. However in my practice over the years I have consistently seen people getting better and moving on. If you are drawn to work with me, to give it a try (as one of my clients puts it) we will together commit to creating the best possible outcome for you.

THE NUMBER of sessions required to make a change cannot be defined in advance and certainly not without meeting you. It depends on what you want to achieve. Can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or another rhythm that suits you.