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29th May 2020 


"After 5 sessions, my back improved so much I am pain free at the end of a hard day. I found Julia to be very helpful and loving, and after a session I would feel relieved. " VK Teacher

"I allways feel better after a session with Julia. They are allways beneficial, helping me to cope, to really be myself. When I leave, I feel relaxed, eyes shining, with a good buzz." AM Surveyor

"I felt really at ease straight away. I learned to accept myself honestly for who I am and to unlock the physical patterns which created unnecessary anxiety. Recurring earache and sinus problems eased."
AR Lawyer

"I appreciate your accepting, repectful, honest and tender feedback. Also the way you encourage me, life-enhancingly, to open at my own pace and challenge ways I am not fully alive, real and in my body. I feel helped by the way you normalise struggles and are as an equal fellow human being. And I value your humour and intuition." GT, Psycotherapist

"Julia supported me through a period of particular stress with unique insight and compassion through conversation and bodywork. I recommend her to anyone." CW Director

"Long-term, deep pain in my neck has been relieved. Julia helped me gently along a painful and rocky path in my life. Subtle stress symptoms have eased." JS Manager

"Thank you so much for your time and energy - You have undoubtedly been a significant factor in helping me move out from a very dark space and regain my sense of self and positivity!" AB Healer

“When I came to see Julia I felt awful - after four months of sessions I don't feel awful at all now. I can breathe again. I have been given something to work with myself. Some time later I continue to experience many and far reaching benefits.” MSB Artist

"My migraines decreased dramatically. I now understand the physical and psychological cause." AP Mum

"Julia has healing hands. If I had a session a day, I would live forever." DR Dentist