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29th May 2020 
Therapies Offered #01

Nourishing Health, Embracing Soul

Massage and Bodywork

Traditional natural healing has always included physical therapy. Medical systems around the world all use manual techniques designed to promote relaxation, pain relief, injury rehabilitation and fitness.
Massage works on the soft tissue of the body in order to produce effects on the nervous, musculo-skeletal and respiratory systems, as well as improving the local and general circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. By deepening our relationship to our bodies and our environment we can support our inherent intelligence and its continual seeking for stillness and balance.

Touch is fundamental to life and quality of life, babies dont survive without it; but in modern life with so much to be done, it can be felt there is not enough time or space to allow oneself to 'be touched' either physically or emotionally. Physical touch has a multi-dimensional effect, with the capacity to heal on many levels, creating relaxation, confidence, clarity and peace. Being touched well, by someone sensitive to what the body needs and with appropriate boundaries, can be deeply satisfying.

The Grinberg Method teaches people to make life changes. It offers an approach and skills that are learned through the body. When applied they lead to achieving the impact you wish for in your life—from realizing your goals and wishes to improving your overall health and well-being and living a more rewarding life.

This approach recognises that the person we are today is someone who has been shaped by past experiences. During a session you will lie on a treatment couch as I work with reflexology and massage. I teach relaxation through touch, movement, breathing and exercises, showing you how to ease painful symptoms, to gain more energy for daily life and realise your potential. You learn to pay attention to your body and to let it tell you what is best. This work is effective for improving alertness, clarity, raising concentration levels and improving sleep, flexibility, enhancing digestion and tranquility.