At Home In Yourself, At Home In The World
A Warm and Supportive Healing Service with Julia Mecheyle Hollenbery
Letting go of stress, finding deep relaxation and empowering connection to your own physical wisdom

"In the stillness between two waves, a condition of complete simplicity costing no less than everything... All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well."

T. S. Eliot   


Here you will find relief of pain, deep relaxation and the release of suppressed emotions, leading to positive life changes.

You will also find an invitation to enrich life – to express your unique potential, in your work and relationships with others and with nature.

I hope through individual sessions and group workshops to offer what you need at this time, whether this is to:

  • Let go of your fears and stress
  • Embody your unique potential and authentic power
  • Access healing resources already in you, and intuitive answers you already know
  • Align thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body and soul
  • Be more vital and alive, by letting go of old patterns
  • Become more awake to pleasure and enjoyment
  • Be more tuned-in and sensitive to what is required in different situations 
  • Transform yourself and live your life more fully

My big wish is we will all grow as individuals and create together the world our hearts know is possible.

With love and regards, Julia

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